Asia Business News reported that Indonesia’s only smelter-grade alumina (SGA) refinery PT Well Harvest Winning (WHW) churned out over 2 million metric tons of the aluminium precursor since commencing operations in June 2016. So said a corporate representative in an interview with domestic media last week. Well Harvest Winning public relations executive Hen Roliya told The Jakarta Post on Friday that 98.5 percent was sold and shipped overseas, and the remainder was tendered to the state-owned energy firm PT Inalum, which uses it to produce its own primary aluminium.

She said “We have been selling our SGA to Inalum, which is 1.5 percent of our production and there will be a increase of sales to Inalum in November to 28,000 metric tons of SGA.”

She said that Inalum subsequently purchased 31,179 metric tons of smelter-grade alumina in December and the following February.

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