The most effective price tool for metal traders.

metalquote is one of the most popular financial information service for metal traders. It provides you all day long with real-time metal prices from the London Metal Exchange (LME), charts, news and market reports from the international metal markets on any device.

Real-time metal and scrap prices anytime, anywhere

Live data from the London Metal Exchange

Cash prices, forward prices, officials, warehouse stocks, currencies etc.

Up to date scrap prices

Daily updated prices of more than 50 different scrap and metal grades.

Always at your disposal

Our service can be used on any pc, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

News and market reports

Selected news from the metal and financial markets avaible.

The market expertise for metal traders.

Our educational seminars provide you with a comprehensive insight into the functioning of the London Metal Exchange, as well as the possibilities to offset effectively metal prices risk through hedging. More than 1.200 metal traders have already been able to expand their knowledge through one of our seminars.

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